Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017

Hot ☆☆☆Rising Stars☆☆☆ Supporting Actors who makes the biggest i…

Three supporting actors that makes the biggest impact in the latest drama....1. Jung Hae In - Curren… MORE
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Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017

Hot Awkward and Shy Reactions After Filming kiss scene....

So sweetest and awkward moments of K-stars who just filmed kiss scene.... What is your favorite kiss… MORE
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17 Oct 2017

Hot Isn't she just amazing! SUZY can dance....

She was a member of K-pop girl group, "miss A". Their debut song "Bad Girl, Good Girl” in 2010. I sa… MORE
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11 Oct 2017

Hot Gorgeous K-stars Look from Fan cam......

1. Suzy - Just landed, but she looks amazing...2. IU - Isn't she so cute? She is still shy around he… MORE
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Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017

Hot <<<Watch Out>>> HOT HOT HOT Actor, Kim Nam Gil...

Did you see the fantasy medical drama, Live Up to Your Name, Dr. Heo? I know you probably think that… MORE
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25 Sep 2017

Hot Wow Go Soo, we were all young once :-) !!!

Go Soo was once one of the hottest actors in Korea (compared with Won Bin) and they are both extreme… MORE
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13 Sep 2017

Hot You fall in love with the lovely actress, Jung Yo Mi!!

Have you seen any her drama or movies? Actually I don't think that she became well known for her mov… MORE
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Aug 2017
13 Aug 2017

Hot Have you seen this drama, "Gogh, The Starry Night"?

It is a Chinese-South Korean web-drama starring Kwon Yuri (k-pop group, Girls Generation), Kim Young… MORE
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01 Aug 2017

Hot Rising star, Lee Sun Bin!!! Multitalented....

Do you know that she was a member of K-pop girls group, JQT that disbanded in 2011. No wonder she ca… MORE
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Jul 2017
27 Jul 2017

Hot Must Watch K-Drama in 2017@ Stranger (Secret Forest)!!

Starring top class two actors, Jo Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na!! This drama is about Hwang Shi-Mok (Cho … MORE
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24 Jul 2017

Hot Ji Change Wook's 10 years Anniversary Debut Concert (Fan Mee…

It's been 10 years!!! Ji Chang Wook is a multitalented actor who can sing and act very well. He bega… MORE
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17 Jul 2017

Hot Do actors really eat on TV??!!

As you know litterly every Korean drama episode has show a eating or drinking and I wonder the actor… MORE
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07 Jul 2017

Hot ♥♥ Falling in love at first sight!! Song Song Couple ♥♥

I think they both looks adorable together. Their on-screen chemistry are real and Song Joon Gi was f… MORE
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Jun 2017
30 Jun 2017

Hot PSY's new song, "New Face" MV Making.....

PSY's new song "New Face" music video making just released and it's funny and they are having lots o… MORE
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28 Jun 2017

Hot Top K-Star, Kim Soo Hyun Can Sing Well!!

Wow, Kim Soo Hyun really can sing very well. I am stunned by his voice. Check his excellent singing … MORE
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25 Jun 2017

Hot ♥♥♥♥Hot Sexy Kissing and Bed Scenes@Suspicious Partner♥♥♥♥

Finally it happened to them!!! ♥♥♥♥the kiss and bed scenes we are all waiting for....It is actually … MORE
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23 Jun 2017

Hot MUST WATCH DRAMA@@ Just An Ordinary Love Story (2014).....

If you like Yeon Woo Jin (role in Introverted BossEun and Queen for Seven Days, 2017) then you must … MORE
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21 Jun 2017

Hot HOT HOT HOT @ Suspicious Partner's Making

OMG So sweet couple!! Ji Chang Wook looks so in love with Nam Ji Hyun!! She and all staff are laughi… MORE
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21 Jun 2017

Hot Fight My Way@ Finally Park Seo Joon Kissed Kim Ji Won!!!

Finally they kissed....Love what Park Seo Joon said...."So we kissed we are couple now... Since Day … MORE
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16 Jun 2017

Hot "Father Is Strange" Stars Lee Joon ❤ Jung Soo Min Dance Move…

Their dance moves is so adorable and cute!!! MORE
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15 Jun 2017

Hot dramazombie rising star goes to Kim Ji Won...

Remember her, Kim Ji Won, who played a chic and haughty heiress in The Heirs... I thought that she w… MORE
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15 Jun 2017

Hot ❤"Ruler Master Of The Mask" First Kiss Scene❤ ....

What a cute couple, Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun! They are both so adorable...She looks so shy and c… MORE
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12 Jun 2017

Hot TOP 5 Best Actress Playing a Male Roles....

1. Yoon Eun Hye ( K-pop girl group memeber, Baby Vox) - Coffee Prince 1st Shop, 2007She cut her long… MORE
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06 Jun 2017

Hot Chicago Typewriter Episode 15@ Just Amazing....

This drama got better and better! On episode 15, it's hard not to cry, so sad and so emotional... Fa… MORE
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02 Jun 2017

Hot "My Secret Romance" Happy Ending!!

Oooh this adorable and sweet romantic comedy came to happy ending just like a fairy tales story...Ha… MORE
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May 2017
31 May 2017

Hot Singer and Actor, Do Kyung Soo (aka D,O) can dance....

During EXO’s EXO’RDIUM DOT IN SEOUL on May 29, , Top K-pop group EXO member, D,O can dance!!! He loo… MORE
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30 May 2017

Hot New Drama "The Guardians (or Lookout) " is not bad!!

Well, there are so many new dramas and I think this new drama's story is not bad so far and look for… MORE
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24 May 2017

Hot New Dram, Fight for My Way, Pretty Good and Funny!!

Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon, role in She Was Pretty and Hwarang) used to practice Taekwondo back in t… MORE
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22 May 2017

Hot Park Hyung Sik'a Photoshoot in Hawaii for Harper's Bazaar Ko…

Park Hyung Sik's "Born To Be Wild" photoshoot in Hawaii for June 2017 Issue.... He looks so young an… MORE
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19 May 2017

Hot K-Star, Song Joong Ki In Park Hae Jin’s Drama ‘Man to Man’ …

"Descendants of the Sun" star, Song Joong Ki appeared a special role as a banker in "Man to Man". Hi… MORE
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18 May 2017

Hot Chicago Typewriter Star, Yoo Ah In Deliver the Best Kiss Sce…

I think some of his kisses scene were too passionate and naughty in his previous drama, but this kis… MORE
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17 May 2017

Hot Drama, The Liar and His Lover? Love or Hate??!!

This drama is a just typical love story about a depressed genius music composer Kang Han Gyeol ( Lee… MORE
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16 May 2017

Hot Do you watch "My Secret Romance"?? SECRET ROMANCE

Well, it's a very typical k-drama romance and comedy drama, actually a bit cheesy with fairytale sto… MORE
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12 May 2017

Now Conan O'Brien plays in the Korean Drama!

Conan O'Brien becomes a goldfish and looks for a lover in the k-drama, One More Happy Ending, starri… MORE
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10 May 2017

Hot My Top 7 Hot Actors over 30 Years Old!!!

1.Goo Yoo, Born: July 10, 1979 (age 37), Height: 6′ 0″Best known for his roles inThe 1st Shop of Cof… MORE
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06 May 2017

Hot Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Park Hyung Sik's Fashion Style!!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon rising star, Park Hyung Sik looks so handsome and charming!! He can wear a… MORE
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05 May 2017

Hot Park Bo Gum & Kim Yoo Jung Looked so Cute Together at the B…

Love in the Moonlight co-stars,Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung won the Most Popular Actor, Television a… MORE
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02 May 2017

Hot "I Live Alone" Reality Show, 2PM's Junho reveals his penthou…

The k-pop idol star 2PM. Lee Junho revealed his penthouse and two adorable cats!He said that "I've b… MORE
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01 May 2017

Hot The Most Adult Kiss Scene Of Any K-Drama??!!

"The Legend of the Blue Sea" co-stars, Lee Minho and Jun Ji Hyun's a steamy kiss scene was the most … MORE
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Apr 2017
30 Apr 2017

Hot Dramazombie Best OST 2016 Award goes to “Descendants of the …

There are so many amazing OSTs that made our favorite dramas so much better. Specially, all of the “… MORE
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25 Apr 2017

Hot Dramazombie Must see K-drama goes to Splash Splash Love!!

This drama was only two episodes and a time travel romance. The story about a high school student na… MORE
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22 Apr 2017

Hot Rising K-Star, Park Hyung Sik and Im Si Wan -- Let's Share t…

I love both actors and they are both members of the nine-member boy band ZE:A, which debuted in 2010… MORE
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20 Apr 2017

Hot Korean Style Makeup vs American Style Makeup!

I think they are both just different and it all depends on your face shape. Of course, your best loo… MORE
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19 Apr 2017

Hot Oooh Park Hae Jin is back with a new drama, Man to Man!!

This drama is story of popular actor Yeo Woon-Gwang (Park Sung-Woong) and secret agent Kim Sul-Woo (… MORE
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18 Apr 2017

Hot What is the reason why you watch Korean drama?

I feel that I am so addicted to watching K-drama :-) My primary reason is that the well written stor… MORE
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15 Apr 2017

Hot New Drama, Queen of Mystery, air now..

Mystery Queen aired a first episode on April 5, 2017. It's a crime-comedy drama. A housewife, Choi K… MORE
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15 Apr 2017

Hot Strong woman Do Bong Soon Final Happy ending

I just loved the final episode.. they lived happily ever after!!! So sweet and cute wedding scenes..… MORE
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13 Apr 2017

Hot Top viewer rating drama, "Good Manager" Ending Party!!

I love this drama.. Good job to all the actors, especially Namgoong Min and Lee Jun ho!!Actually Lee… MORE
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12 Apr 2017

Hot Plan your next big travel adventure? Want to visit Busan, K…

Where are you planning to travel to for your next vacation? How about Busan, Korea? I was born in Bu… MORE
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12 Apr 2017

Hot Behind The Scenes of GOBLIN.... Lee Dong Wook (the grim reap…

I love Goblin!! This drama story doesn't focus on the main characters alone. I just love Wang Yeo an… MORE
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11 Apr 2017

Hot Im Siwan is back.....

Im Siwan's been busy after his widely successful drama “Misaeng", 2014. He roles in totally differen… MORE
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11 Apr 2017

Hot K-Top star, Lee Min Ho and Suzy Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

Suzy and Lee Min Ho reportedly held a party for their 2 year anniversary... According to the reporte… MORE
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11 Apr 2017
10 Apr 2017

Hot Have you seen "My Father is Strange" drama?

I really like Lee Yuri!! Her acting is just amazing and she pull off any role from a serious to funn… MORE
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10 Apr 2017

Hot Whisper -- Kiss Scene!!!

it’s an awkward moment, but I guess one way to shut him up :-) MORE
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09 Apr 2017

Hot Japan is remaking one of top Korean drama, I'm Sorry, I Love…

This drama was a big hit on 2004 and starring So Ji-sub and Im Soo-jung. There's a Chinese movie rem… MORE
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08 Apr 2017

Hot Hwarang stars, Park Seo Joon & Park Hyung Sik present an aw…

They are both so handsome and funny,... Maybe they will receive the Best Couple award in 2017... MORE
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06 Apr 2017

Hot Jackpot (대박, Daebak) K-drama Choice Award goes to “Misaeng (…

Misaeng (aka Incomplete Life; Tagline: 아직 살아 있지 못한 자 (Not yet alive) , 2014), is an award-winning Ko… MORE
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05 Apr 2017

Hot Have you ever tried Korean Food?

If you have watched a Korean drama, you see often actors eat PIGS FEET... I know it sounds so gross,… MORE
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05 Apr 2017

Hot New Advertisement, Tomorrow With You co-stars, Shin Min Ah &…

Tomorrow With You co-stars, Shin Min Ah & Lee Jea Hoon had such great chemistry in drama, but it… MORE
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03 Apr 2017

Hot K-drama young actor who look amazing in a suit…

There are so many young actors, but my choice would be...,1. Jo Jung Suk (role in Jealousy Incarnate… MORE
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02 Apr 2017

Hot Park Hyung Sik looks so cute and sexy!!

Check this out, ZE:A Park Hyung Sik's K-pop song, Abracadabra sexy dance moves...He looks so cute,,,… MORE
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01 Apr 2017

Hot Strong Woman Do Bong Soon -- Have you seen episode 12 yet?

It looks like this is the episode we were all waiting for :-) Finally, two actors, Park Bo Young and… MORE
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01 Apr 2017

Hot Is he multitalented?

Henry (role in Oh My Venus) is so multitalented entertainer. He speaks five different languages and … MORE
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Mar 2017
31 Mar 2017

Hot Dramazombie Must see K-drama goes to "Signal".....

This drama is just amazing! I think it was one of the most well written Korean drama. All of the act… MORE
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30 Mar 2017
29 Mar 2017

Hot Gong Yoo fan meeting in Taiwan Tickets Sold Out in minutes!!

2017 Goo Yoo Live Make A Wish Fan Meeting in Taiwan on April 29. 5,500 Tickets Sold Out within 10 Mi… MORE
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29 Mar 2017

Hot Park Bo Gum’s Monday face through Friday face….,,

Look at his faces I could look at all day long… Today is Wednesday here, California, but just watchi… MORE
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28 Mar 2017

Hot K-Star, Park Seo Jun and Ahn Jae Hyun at amfAR Hong Kong….

Korean Top K-stars, Park Seo Jun (role in Hwarang) and Ahn Jae Hyun (role in Cinderella and Four Kni… MORE
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27 Mar 2017

Hot Seo In Guk To Gift His Fans With A Self-Composed Song One Da…

He is both a good singer and a good songwriter. Just love his voice... Already missed him....Check h… MORE
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27 Mar 2017

Hot Why Goblin is so popular?

Goblin is more popular then Descendant of the Sun? Well Goblin’s popularity sparks increased tourist… MORE
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26 Mar 2017

Hot Remember Heirs! All of Heirs Star become mega success - Kim …

Kim Woo Bin began his career as a runway model and he has a unique look, not like any other pretty l… MORE
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25 Mar 2017

Hot Good Manager, a rising star goes to Dong Ha as Park Myung S…

Good Manager is perfectly blended in comedy and critical issue... I think his role is a TG Group CEO… MORE
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24 Mar 2017

Hot II- Where are a mega hit drama “Goblin (aka Dokkaebi, 도깨비)" …

4. Goblin, Kim Sin (Goog Yoo) met Goblin’ss wife Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) at the beautiful beach!So many… MORE
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24 Mar 2017

Hot I - Where are a mega hit drama “Goblin (aka Dokkaebi, 도깨비)" …

1. Here is the place that Goblin, Kim Sin (Goog Yoo) met Gobli's wife Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) first tim… MORE
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23 Mar 2017

Hot K-drama Goblin parody version of Good Manager!! So funny!!

Goblin is already more popular than Descendants of the Sun?! As you see that Goblin’s trends are sti… MORE
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23 Mar 2017

Hot Top 5 K-drama best chemistry couple of all time?

My choice would be1. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden, 20102. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo … MORE
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22 Mar 2017

Hot Park Bo Gum's New Chocolate Ad! So Sweet...

Isn’t he cute and handsome?! Hope to see make a drama comeback in 2017!! MORE
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22 Mar 2017

Hot Park Hyung Sik and Lee Sung Kyung sing a lovely song togethe…

Park Hyung Sik (role in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and Hwarang) and Lee Sung Kyung (role in Weightlif… MORE
0 1,373 1
21 Mar 2017

Hot It’s a reality show "Candy in my Ear” Have you seen it?

Ok, it’s a Korean celebrity reality show that connects viewers with their (K-stars) own “Candy,” an … MORE
1 1,385 2
20 Mar 2017

Hot The Queen of natural beauty, Kim Tae Hee!

Kim Tae Hee is one of top K-drama actress and considered one of Korea's most beautiful women! Check … MORE
1 1,414 2
20 Mar 2017

Hot Jackpot (대박, Daebak) K-drama Choice Award goes to Good Manag…

I think that Nam Koong Min is a perfect for this drama role! His acting is so funny and just right. … MORE
1 1,356 2
19 Mar 2017

Hot So cute! ZE:A (제국의아이들) Dance Practice!!

Aren’t they all so cute?! Everyone looks like they are having fun! Can you find Park Hyung Sik? MORE
1 1,469 3
18 Mar 2017

Hot New Drama Coming Soon — Woman of Dignity

Kim Hee Sun is well known actress and played in “ Faith", 2012 as a doctor and starring co-star, Lee… MORE
1 1,342 3
16 Mar 2017

Hot Two adorable child interrupts dad’s interview during BBC int…

Check this out, hilarious and made me laugh, Guess what! Kelly’s family become Youtube star :-) Prof… MORE
1 1,438 4
13 Mar 2017

Hot Remember Heirs! Park Shin Hye - All of Heirs Star become meg…

After Heirs became international big hit, she played in Pinocchio, 2014, co-starred, Lee Jong-suk (W… MORE
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12 Mar 2017

Hot Top 3 K-drama acteress who look the same for decades?

Kim Hee Sun (Angry Mom, 2015) born in 1977, can’t believe that she hasn’t change much… Is this gene … MORE
0 1,347 1
12 Mar 2017

Hot Best Street food in Seoul!!

Everytime I visited Korea, I had to eat these yummy street food! Can't miss eating..Tteokbokki - ric… MORE
1 1,288 2
08 Mar 2017

Hot Top 3 most handsome actor with long hair...

My choices are below:1. Lee Jun Ki, Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo, He is almost perfect! He is more… MORE
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08 Mar 2017

Hot II- Do you know who served Military Service Already?!

More K-star actors already served military service!!* Song Joong Ki, Descendants Of The Sun’s star w… MORE
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08 Mar 2017

Hot I-Do you know who served Military Service Already?!

You probably know that all Korea men are obliged for the military service so this mandatory service … MORE
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05 Mar 2017

Hot Top three young Korean Actors who look surprisingly even bet…

My choice would be Jin Yong (B1A4 singer, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, 2016),Jung Il Woo (Moon Embraci… MORE
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05 Mar 2017

Hot Jackpot (대박, Daebak) K-drama Choice Award goes to Drinking S…

Not super well-known actor, Ha Suk Jin (role in D-Day) and actress, Park Ha Sun (role in Temptation)… MORE
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04 Mar 2017

Hot Remember Heirs! Lee Min Ho -- All of Heirs Star become mega…

Actually he was one of Korean arising actor back 2009, played his well known character, Gu Jun Pyo, … MORE
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Feb 2017
01 Feb 2017

Hot Ji Chang wook's NEW movie coming (Fabricated City)

“Fabricated city” - A movie cracks us up in many fronts in spite of the title (Pretty serious title … MORE
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Jan 2017
25 Jan 2017

Hot What smell is this? Yuck!

This cat doesn't like the smell. What it is? :-) MORE
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25 Jan 2017

Hot Jealous Incarnate Co-stars with best chemistry!!!

Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin star in a romantic comedy that broadcasts straight to the heart.. They … MORE
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25 Jan 2017

Hot True gentleman, SO JI SUB!!!

Fall in love instantly when he opens the bottle for co-star, Shin Min Ah... So Ji Sub is so handsome… MORE
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25 Jan 2017

Hot Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Making first kiss scene…

Two stars, Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) and Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) look adorable and cute! MORE
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24 Jan 2017

Hot "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" star, Gong Yoo looks st…

Love the way his voice sounds! This OST blends wonderfully well in the drama! Check this, top popula… MORE
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