Hot So embarrassing, what k-star, Lee Jong Suk said....

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Check his dancing (PSY's song, New Face) at his fan meeting event !!! He said, "So embarrassing! Th… MORE

Hot Teaser @@@ K-pop and K- star, IU's new album 'Kkot-Galpi #2'

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She is just multitalented....More her photos, click here.... MORE

Hot Wow, Suzy and Lee Jong Suk are back with their new drama, While You Were Sleeping!!!!

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"While You Were Sleeping" is an upcoming South Korean television drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Bae… MORE

Hot New Drama is coming!! "Love Temperature" Preview..

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Another Miss Oh and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim star,Seo Hyun-jin's new drama will air next week! C… MORE

Hot K-pop star, 2PM, Junho has unveiled his first solo mini album!!!!

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On September 11, Junho solo mini album “Canvas” was revealed along with the music videos for two tra… MORE

Hot Lee Je Hoon's 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting!!

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Signal (2016) and Tomorrow with you (2017) star, Lee Je Hoon hold a fan meeting for the 10th anniver… MORE

Hot Breaking @ Jeon Hye Bin & Lee Jun Ki Broke up.....

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Actors Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin have gone their separate ways. On August 25, their agency confirm… MORE

Hot New Drama, "Manhole" Interview

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Have you seen this drama yet? MORE

Hot Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri are dating in real life!!!

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In "Reply 1988" drama, Hyeri ended up with Park Bo Gun, but in real life she is dating with Ryu Jun … MORE

Hot Top K-star, Ji Chang Wook To Quietly Enlist For Mandatory Military Duty Today (8/4/2017)......

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Ji Chang Wook begins his mandatory military service on August 14... According to his latest news tha… MORE

Hot Upcoming Drama, Live Up To Your Name, will aired on 8/12....

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I can't wait to see this drama!!! It looks like romantic and comedy drama. The story line is about H… MORE

Hot Kim Jae Joong is back!!! His New drama, Manhole, is coming soon....

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Check this new drama, Manhole, teaser and making!!!They all look funny and cute!!! MORE

Hot Top K-stars attended VIP Premiere of "The Battleship Island" movie!!!!

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OMG so many top K-stars were at the VIP premiere for the movie, "The Battleship Island" !!! Again So… MORE

Hot Ji Change Wook Fan Sign Event in Seoul!!

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Great looking actor!! Wonder how he takes care of his handsome look!! MORE

Hot Ji Chang Wook will enlist in the military on August 14, 2017....

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His agency confirmed that he will be gone for the military service next two years. Ji Chang Wook sai… MORE