Hot Kang Ha Neul is set to enlist this fall as a military police officer.....

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The actor’s agency revealed today (July 5) that “He has not received his notice date yet, but it is … MORE

Hot {{HOT BREAKING}} Song Song Couple is getting married on October, 2017!!!

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Wow, the rumor was true, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are getting married on October 31, 2017!The … MORE

Hot 1st Park Hyung Sik Fan Meeting in Seoul (July 2nd, 2017)!!!

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Im Si Wan attended Park Hyung Sik's fan meeting and sang a song together!! They are both K-pop group… MORE

Hot ♥♥Eric Num Got Married with actress Na Hye Mi (7/1/2017)♥♥

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They had a wedding ceremony in a church in Seoul on the 1st.The wedding ceremony was a private cerem… MORE

Hot Ji Chang Wook At V App Live broadcasting.....

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Check his live fan chat room at V app and he is talking about his current drama, Suspicious Partner.… MORE

Hot Top K-star, BoA's new song "CAMO" has been released....

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Wow she can dance and sing well... She is multitalented! She was youngest singer to debut in Korea. … MORE

Hot Big Bang's T.O.P has admitted to all charges.....

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Previously, T.O.P had denied using liquid marijuana twice, but during his trial this June 29, he adm… MORE

Hot Finally Yoo Ah In Exempt From Mandatory Military Service!!!

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Yoo Ah In declared exempt from military service after 5th Medical Examination. The actor went throug… MORE

Hot Henry's New Single, "I'm good" (끌리는 대로)....

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Finally Henry's new single released! I like it... How about you? MORE

Hot Top actress Jun Ji Hyun is pregnant with her second child....

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According to her agency, she is at 10 weeks pregnant and her due day is January, 2018. She gave birt… MORE

Hot 'MAN x MAN' Making Film (behind the scenes)......

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We will miss him, Park Hae Jin...... MORE

Hot Up Coming Drama, Bride of the Water God 2017 (The Bride of Habaek) ,Trailers....

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Based on webcomic "Habaekui Shinboo" by Yoon Mi-Kyung (published from May 7, 2012 to December 11, 20… MORE

Hot South Korean Dance Group's Seamless Performance!!!

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South Korean Dance Group's Seamless Performance at America's Got Talent 2017.... MORE

Hot My Sassy Girl's star, "Yoon So Jung's Funeral Service on June, 20.....

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My Sassy Girl's actress Yoon So Jung (played as Queen Ja Hye) suddenly passes away last Friday, June… MORE

Hot Upcoming New movie "Young Cop (Midnight Runners)"! Park Seo Jun & Kang Ha Neul...

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It's is an action and comedy film and starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The film will be rele… MORE