Hot Another celebrity couple, Joo Sang Wook ♥ Cha Ye Ryun will tie the knot!!

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The two will marry in May!! Congratulations to the happy couple!Source MORE

Hot Girl's Day(걸스데이) is back!

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They have been keeping busy doing both drama role and TV shows on some of popular dramas and shows..… MORE

Hot CNBLUE is back!

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CNBLUE to come back with Yonghwa's self-composed song, Between Us (헷갈리게), which is already #1 in Chi… MORE

Hot Seoul Fashion Week 2017 kicks off....

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Cha Seung Won (model and actor, role in Splendid Politics, 2015), Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE), Lee Ki Woo… MORE

Hot K-star couple Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo are Getting Married!

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K-star couple, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo (both role in Happy Home) to tie the knot this June! Te … MORE

Hot Seo In Guk will enlist on March 28, tomorrow….

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Shopaholic Louis star,Seo In Guk will be gone for the military service next 2 years.. We’ll miss him… MORE

Hot BTS Billboard Facebook Live!...

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BTS is doing great and breaking records in the US.... MORE

Hot 2017 Global K-Star Ranking Top 10 - First place is Lee Min Ho!!

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‘Global K-Star Ranking’ used a combination of data from Chinese portal site Baidu’s ranking on Korea… MORE

Hot The Prison breaks already 1M viewers!!

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The Prison is starring Han Suk-kyu (role in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, 2016) and Kim Rae-won (rol… MORE

Hot IU is Back! Her first pre-release track, "Through the Night (밤편지)"....

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Check out the new IC's music video... [Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo's star, IU, is a one of multi… MORE

Hot Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Stars Park Hyun Sik and Ji Soo Free Hug Event

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The drama get more viewer rating, two stars are at the viewer primes free hug event in Seoul… MORE

Hot New movie, One Line, will be releases in theaters very soon!

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Descendants of The Sun star, Jin Goo, Siwan (role in Misaeng and The King Loves), other k-drama star… MORE

Hot New legal thriller drama, Whisper, is coming very soon!!!

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A suspenseful melodrama based in the greatest law firm about a man and woman who dig out the truth b… MORE

Hot Kim Go Eun and Shin Ha Kyun Break Up…

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Due to their busy schedules… Do you know that there is a 17 years age gap between Kim Go Eun (born i… MORE