Pottery Class!! This class is for making handmade pottery from clays …

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APPLICATION PERIOD : Feb 22 / 2017 ~ Mar 13 / 2017  CLOSED

MEETUP : Mar 06 / 2017 / (9 : 00 AM)



Date : 3/6(Mon) and 3/13(Mon)


Sessions :This meetup is comprised of 2 sessions due to two parts (each session is 3 hours from 9am to noon)

 1st session is making the pottery (ex: bowl, dish, cups whatever you decide to make) out of the clay (March 6th)

 2nd session is carving  or printing your design and coloring after your works got baked after the first session (March 13th)


What can you make : Anything! Sky is your limit but please keep in mind this is probably your first time except some folks so it will take some time and multiple classes to create the shapes you want to desire. We will have some brief introduction from master Eunyoung (the artist) in the beginning and look at the samples made by her so we can get some clues what to make.





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