About us

Team Drama Zombie is for individuals, like you, who are willing to be trailblazers, adding that special “spice”, we call life.

- Sometimes we need those spices to add more flavor than usual.

It’s for individuals who seek out unique and special differences, and enjoy sharing their experiences others. At our (we hope you agree) fabulous meetup events, we are committed to bringing everyone together so we each add that extra bit of spice and flavor to each others lives, through social events, food sampling, and planned tours, focused on Korea. We also plan to provide updates via blogs, forums, and maybe even help others locate those items you can’t find anywhere you see in Korean movies, TV Drama, or KPOP. We work and live in Silicon Valley. While we have worked for many of the top technological innovation companies during our careers, we realized some spice was missing. We wanted to have fun sharing our passion, experiences, stories of a country and culture that is in our hearts, Korea (South Korea). Come to our metope for that spice, you won’t be disappointed! On a side note, many of us at team Drama Zombie love our latte’s bubbly and foamy!

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